I wanted you to know that I have problems with circulation in my legs and after an hour a day with this massager over the last 2 weeks, it has reduced the swelling around my ankles dramatically. You may want to let others with this same affliction know in your sales pitch.

R Garcia

I use the iSmart Massager after every performance and I am still amazed at the level of intensity comes out of this little thing.

L Moore

I suffer from a ruptured disk in my back and that, of course, brings constant pain and fatigue. After just 30 minutes of this little powerhouse massager, I'm feeling completely recharged and a whole lot less in the pain department.

M Bradford

This massager makes me wonder how I ever got through my double shifts without someone, and now something to rub my feet. Ha-Ha, that's funny to say, but I'm serious!

C Sweeney

As a chiropractor I have sold T.E.N.S. units to my patients for many years for the purpose of rehab and relaxation of tense muscles. The TENS units that I have always used were bulky, not rechargeable and complicated for patients to use. After seeing the SoCool units at the mall over Christmas I KNEW that these were a far better product than I had been using. They are small and very modern looking, rechargeable from a wall or computer and VERY user friendly for my patients. I immediately ordered them and sold 14 the first week.

Dr James M. Kabel

One of the most common problems that many golfers feel can often be sore
muscles, I would like to say that by using the Ismart Massager it has
enabled me to relax and prepare for the next round of golf.

I would not be without it!

David Edwards. PGA Golf Professional & Trick Shot Maestro

I suffer from acute gout and using the massager with the shoes gives me considerable relief.

John Cocker

I use my unit for the relief of Plantar Fascists [a painful foot and ankle condition ]and for Sciatica, the shoes have been a great benefit.

Peter, September 2010

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