Mini Ismart Massager

Digital control display
massage modes (kneading, tapping, acupuncture and combination)
Adjustable timer for your convenience (10-60 minutes)
10 levels of intensity
Extremely small dimensions (smaller than an Ipod!)
Rechargeable Lithium battery
Life time limited manufacture warranty
2 pads 1 output

The Mini Ismart Massager applys electronic simulation technology to output bioelectrical signal with human body bio-electrical features. Regular movement of relevant muscle groups brings out a better therapeutic effect than an actual manual massage, due to its deeper reach in muscle stimulation.

The unit is for pain relief (sore muscles, joint aches, back pains), muscle relaxation (stiff muscles), recovery after injuries (car accidents, sport injuries), blood circulation stimulation, muscle toning etc.

It can improve the micro-circulation of the human body, promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, relieve the tissue adhesion and alleviate various pains. It is effective in alleviating cervical syndrome, peri-arthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, fascitis and joint pain, etc.

Those that work in a fixed posture, the application of the instrument can alleviate weariness, improve partial muscle tissues, nutritional status, and prevent strain and hyperosteogeny.

Bedridden patients who suffer from hemiplegia, the instrument can provide health nursing to prevent the muscle from atrophy and shorten the rehabilitation course. For the middle and old age, the use of this device may help improve physical quality and prevent the locomotor system from aging and degenerating.

The instrument is small in size and easy to operate.

 Product portability has come to its best. Now you can use it anywhere: indoors, outdoors and it will fit easily even in your pocket! Itís a fantastic product and a unique gift to your family, friends or co-workers.

Since its production, the mini Ismart Massager has won great attention and high praise. Many professionals regard it as a successful step taken by the natural traditional medicine toward modernisation. No doubt, this massage instrument is good news for the patients and will help release them from pain and improve their quality of life.

Mini Ismart Massager - £79.99


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