Q:Everything seems to be working but there is no sensation from the pads or shoes.
A:Decrease the strenth and firmly press the jack plug into the unit. The slightest gap automatically stops the current. Also make sure both pads or shoes are attatched.

Q:Will this product heal my condition(s)?
A: No. However, the iSmart Massager does help to relieve MANY symptoms of MANY types of conditions. The personal massager is designed to increase circulation, reduce body fat and help tone muscles based on targeted application.

Q: How does it use electricity to massage my muscles?
A: The technology is called electronic muscle stimulation or EMS. EMS, causes your muscles to constrict then relax. The four modes of operation allow you to define your use of either the deep massaging effects or the muscle stimulation and toning. In each mode, the electronic pulses penetrate the targeted area or muscle group at ten intensity levels to give you the most gentle or deep tissue massage or workout of your choosing.

Q: Can I use it at work?
A: We have yet to receive any letters or feedback from our customers saying that their boss or company wouldn't allow it. We have, on the other hand, received numerous letters and testimonials praising the fact that they have used the iSmart Massager at work and they are not fatigued at the end of their day from sitting at their desk for so long.

Q: Will this help me build muscle?
A: When coupled with a well advised work-out regimen, the iSmart Massager can be used to help the muscle groups to maintain circulation needed to build muscle mass as well as stimulating each group for increased definition.

Q: What if I fall asleep while using it?
A: The iSmart personal massager will only operate for an hour and then will automatically power off. This feature is specifically designed to protect from overuse.

Q: What are the conditions of warranty?
A: If faulty within 2 year manufactures warranty we will pick up and return free. After 2 years - for a warranty related problem return faulty unit with 25 for postage and packaging to receive a new unit.

Q: How to return defective massager?
A: Call our office and we will arrange an uplift : office hours Monday to Friday.


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